Sunday, January 24, 2021


The population of Nepalese Americans is growing up day by day and this growth could be an opportunity for those business corporations and business houses that are looking for the promotion of their products in this community. The scope of business could be deeply explored within the Nepalese Americans community for which The Nepal Day Parade should be a great opportunity for the business corporations. The participation of 3000 Nepalese Americans in the parade is a major gateway for those business corporations who are curiously waiting to explore businesses in the Nepalese Americans community in a systematic manner.

The sponsor’s businesses shall be displayed directly in the event through their business banners and also documented through a publication that will be published immediately after the event. 1000 copies of magazines shall be published covering the entire Nepal Day Parade events which will be distributed across the Nepalese Americans Diaspora where the sponsors of the parade will be published too.

The sponsorship for this parade is classified as follow.


Advertisement Rate

SN Particular Event Magazine Amount
1 Event Partner Float Banner Front (Main) Full Page $ 5000.00
2. Partner Float Banner Two Sides ½ Page $ 3000.00
3. Sponsor Float Banner One Side ¼ Page $ 1000.00
4. Co-Sponsor NONE ¼ Page $ 500.00
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